Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

I am Kazuo Toritani, dean of faculty for the study of contemporary society. On behalf of our faculty, I warmly welcome all of you. And, I am very much honored to make welcome speech in front of you.

Let me explain a little bit about our faculty. Our faculty is established at the new millennium, year of 2000. The number of incoming undergraduate students every year is about 300 persons, which is accounted for almost one-fifth of the total number of students enrolling in our university as a whole. Education of our faculty is characterized as Liberal Arts. The subjects of our faculty are ranged from natural science to humanities, from computer science to moral science.

As for myself, my major is about economics, especially international economics and finance. I am focusing on internationalization of renminbi nowadays.

As far as I noticed, your research topic of this time is about Industrial Human Resources Development for Women. This is in part very common with what our faculty has been tackling. In fact, we have a few researchers who have studied almost the same research topic in terms of gender discrimination, from the view-point of economics, sociology and law. Taking this opportunity, I hope that our faculty can cooperate with your research in future.

Lastly, I hope your research can have fruitful result and all of you can be back to home country in safety.

Thank you very for your visiting us today.